And another week gone by

I'm trying to comapre whether the GSB went by faster or the summer internship went by faster. I'm leaning towards to internship right now. I've been really busy and always find myself behind on personal (read: conference) stuff.

Blogging while working is not nearly as interesting. Nonetheless:

The keyboard situation is really frustrating. I use the standard Lenovo laptop at work. I use a Dell at home. At work, the F1 button is below the ESC button; At home, they are next to each other. This is VERY annoying because I keep accidentally hit the F1 (Help menu) button while at work. At home, Ctrl is right below the Shift button; at work, the Fn button is below the Shift and Ctrl is beside that. All the Ctrl+C/V/etc is delayed at work as I struggle to hit the right button. Ah, all those little things. With any luck (and PC), I will purchase a new computer to replace my 3 year old Dell soon.

I'll be having my midterm review soon. To be honest, I've been trying to gauge how I am doing and I really have no idea. The biggest question is that I don't know what the expectation for the summer intern is. Do they expect us to contribute like a new or fairly new consultant would? Or are they doing a personality and basic ability test? I don't know, so I can measure myself. Will seek help next week by talking to other consultants in the office.

I went to karaoke with my colleagues last night. All the way till 4am. I'm not 21 anymore, I know, I know... but hey, it was still fun!


shmoo said...

I have the same problem with the page up/down, home, and end keys at work.

Look, I got a blogger account so I don't have to remember to sign each comment anymore!

Huckle Cat said...

Same here-- now I can't type well at work OR home.

I hear ya on the midterm review too-- mine's on Thursday. I have no idea what he's going to say.