Donnie Darko and Guns, Germs, and Steel

Donnie Darko - fascinating movie. I liked it. Can't really recommend it though, since the movie would only suite those with the taste for sci fi. You can, however, see Jake Gyllenhaal of Brokeback fame in his first starting role (I believe). Destined to be a good actor, for sure. He's younger than me.

Guns, Germs, and Steel - I'm into Part 2, and it's a really really really good book. So far, I would rate it above the much more heralded Freakenomics. To be honest, I'm very intrigued by the assertions in the book... especially the preface about very "backward" people learning new technologies with relative ease. (i.e. anybody can do my job)

My life is being rocked these few days.


shmoo said...

GG&S does start very well. But it gets extremely repetitive as you'll find.

Huckle Cat said...

I was just thinking about Donnie Darko last night -- I couldn't decide if I really like the movie, or really can't stand it. Either way, it's memorable...

Eric Poupier said...

Hey Josekin,
I'll read GG&S when I'm done with "Collapse". Really interesting book either. Your comment on the root cause made me think anbout his chapter on Rwanda. My thought is: never look for any root cause in the speech of a politician. If you feel lonely again, shoot an email.
Eric P from the GSB