Good and Movie

Woohoo, a review!

Kiku (贺菊) in Landmark. Very good Japanese sushi place. We (Kaleen and I) had toro sushi so good that we thought it was beef tartar sushi. Also had thin sliced beef: the US imported beef was half the price of the Japanese import. It was pretty good, which made me quite intrigue at the difference between the two products given the price gap! Would recommend to go back there for Japanese food.

Apparently, we were sitting beside the richest family in Macau. I had no idea who they were, except that they were quite rude and classless. Thankfully, Kaleen recognized their faces.

Food in Hong Kong is awesome. We paid a price for the nice meal... but my lunch was a $1.5 noodle (沾仔记) that was also very good! I'm going to be a sad man when I go back to Chicago.

Saw Superman Returns after the meal. TGF says it's 行货. Boring. Don't go see it.


hedonist said...

Did you mean Food and Movie?

Josekin said...

I did. Good catch. Keep blogging.