Fitting in...

First of all, some pictures from my new (temporary) home. It's actually quite ridiculous that I managed to live in a BIGGER place in Hong Kong than in Chicago. It's not like Columbus Plaza was small either. The convertible was more than enough for myself. And now I've actually got a bigger place. Amazing.

Anyway, this is probably a temporary situation only. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Living room and kitchen

Bedroom (there's another that looks like this one)

Fitting back into Hong Kong society is not easy.
  • I'm so used to driving myself to anywhere to do anything
  • Walking three to four blocks to buy groceries is still a challenge
  • Buying everything in small portions is a challenge too... in fact, the most rolls of toilet paper you can buy is 6... which may be a problem for some people
  • Public transportation: there are 5 to 7 buses that get me from my home to my office. The problem? They are spread across 4 bus stops on the same street and I basically have to be in the middle, anticipate the bus, and then run to the appropriate station.
  • Subways (MTR) are the greatest in the world
  • Being frowned upon when you are courteous; city thing, perhaps?
  • Saying thank you and receiving a blank stare
  • Not saying thank you but receiving the best service
  • Great attitude to meeting my needs
  • 10% mandatory tip
  • $0 left for the waiter after th 10% tip
  • Good food
  • Good food at dirt cheap prices
  • Good food in dingy restaurants
  • Manpower is cheap
  • Efficient service
I guess I could go on forever... so here's a notice that I found when I moved into my apartment. The building is old.

2 days without flush water - luckily not my apartment

Luckily, this is Hong Kong so everybody in unit H probably just bent over and said "oh well." This would never fly in the US.


shmoo said...

Place looks awesome.

Andrew said...

cool post, thanks.

hedonist said...

Wow, how did you find this apartment?! Looks nice!

SloopJohnBSLW said...

Wow this place is on the island? Where's the bed that comes out of the ceiling?

Faisal said...

Holy crap! Your place looks great. *sigh* I miss HK.

cma said...


Sylvie said...

Nice place. The few local flats I managed to get into looked like a sardine can. The width of the room was equal to the length of the bed. So the local friends rolled sideways to get out of bed everyday.