Getting Old or Something Else?

I am feeling very tired right now... after taking the bus from the Pattaya resort to the Bangkok airport and then the plane back to Hong Kong (the same day a plane crashed at Phuket... scary). The travel day has drained me and my original plans to do some work at home have been delayed. Or procrastinated, depending on your point of view.

I used to be very good at traveling. Why the sudden exhaust now...?

Could it be age...?

Or could it be that I've taken a two year vacation at the GSB plus a summer of ridiculous debt-financed travels?

For my sake, I hope it is the latter.


hedonist said...

Well, now you're getting paid to's not quite the same.

SloopJohnBSLW said...

A biz trip to Phuket?!?! you lucky bastard. I got Detroit.