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Here's a chart of my first three weeks of work. The chart is called a mekko, from the famous Marimekko (wiki!), which I saw in Finland. Basically, it boils down to the area of each square representing a share of the total (in this case, time). Always have a tag line that makes a point. So you see: I've spent the most time on case work, though I've spent some time traveling around already.

Some other stats in my 3 weeks:
  • # of flights: 6
  • # of cab rides: can't count
  • # of nights past midnight: 2
  • # of nights past 8pm: 2
  • # of nights in Hong Kong: 5
  • # of nights in hotel: 16
  • # of meals with colleagues: too many
  • # of meals with friends: 2
  • # of meals with family: 2
Based on the above, you may come to the conclusion that I'd prefer something different. Well, not really. I like my job, my company, my manager, and my team very much. It's been two years since I did any serious job stuff (summer don't count!). It takes a little getting use to. I'm glad that discipline is slowly returning and that my work has some impact.

Speaking of work, here's my comment on my friend's blog about what the ultimate purpose of any job is:

Obviously, your job is to make your boss' job easier. And his job is to make HIS boss' (another boss (i.e., BOB, as my brother put nicely) or the ultimate boss - the customer) happy. This will be the same in all professions.

The major difference is how the company as a whole treats it. Does the company allow who likes whom to become the culture of the firm? Or is it based on meritocracy? i.e. if you are good, you will get the chance to shine even if your boss doesn't like you - you can't work for the same boss, but your talent could be used by another boss.

Another difference that you can make as a person is to not join companies and careers that you cannot agree with. I can personally attest that I have chosen my career that way. If it is a world that my principles don't agree with, I will not go there. Unless I expect to make a difference and change it - this of course being close to impossible due to all the inertia that people exhibit once they are stuck in certain situations.

清高? Maybe. Then again I need to make my boss - me - happy!

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SloopJohnBSLW said...

A Marimekko?!?!?! A Marimekko?!?!?! I can't believe you dropped that on your blog. If I could make you drink a garlic shot I would. . .