All roads lead to the office

I'm evaluating how I should get to the office from my home, and I've broken them down into three categories (remember, I bleed consulting): speed, price, and comfort. This is from fastest to slowest.
  1. Taxi: fastest at about 15 minutes, cost $30, and always entertaining while listening to the driver bitch about whatever
  2. MTR: about 30 minutes, cost $4.6, likely inside a cramped cabin followed by walking on busy Central streets, lots of trains so no waiting
  3. Tram: at about 35 minutes and $2, I can always get a seat and enjoy the breeze... though it is truly old school without air-con and wooden hard seats (by the way, the tram is surprisingly fast because it has its own tracks and not slowed by traffic)
  4. Bus #5, 5B, 18: at about 40 minutes and $3.7, they bring me right up to the building like a cab, I usually can get a seat on the bus too
I picked... tram. There's something about riding an old transportation vehicle and enjoying the old districts zip by you while enjoying the breeze. Just love that feeling.

And the fact that I will be spending about $40 on transportation to work per month. Sometimes, being cheap excites me. I can't explain it. Maybe I need a raise. haha.

(all figures in HKD)


shmoo said...

I love the footnote.

Josekin said...

I love it too.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say I noticed your footnote...