Weird pricing schemes

I got myself a TV over the weekend. What I couldn't figure out is the following paying options:
  1. Pay $10K now
  2. Pay $10K in 12 monthly installments, interest free
  3. Pay $10K in 18 monthly installments, interest free
  4. Pay $10K in 24 monthly installments, interest free
Is there something U of C didn't teach me here?

(by the way, I added a tag for "consulting" so I can keep track of my comments on general business suggestions and questions. This particular pricing scheme seems to be out of whack with whatever the company is trying to do)


Andrew said...

Dude, that must be a good TV.

Josekin said...

You see, Shmoo? This is why I have footnotes.

(All figures in HKD and illustrative only)

Sorry, Andrew.

Josekin said...

I too wish it were USD$10K

Erik Corry said...

Perhaps you should try negotiating a discount from the shop. Ask them if you can get it for 9500 if you pay cash. Alternatively, find out if you can get it for 9500 from a different shop by paying cash.

Artificially inflating the cash price wouldn't hurt the store much if most of their customers don't want to pay cash.

shmoo said...

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