On the tram back home

One nice thing about taking the tram home is that I have 30 minutes of calmness. For instance, yesterday coming back from work:
  • I think I can do this (i.e. consulting) for a while
  • How did I survive my first case without scratch
  • I have a new format for slide #4 (disrupting calmness)
  • Where can we hike this week
  • I wonder how the pictures turned out from last week
  • I miss Alan
  • I miss PNGF
  • Beach time is nice
  • I should organize something social - I used to do that a lot in Boston... what happened
  • What should I talk about with my staffing manager (disrupting calmness)
  • I should buy a new lens for macro photography... I really need one
  • A Wii could be nice at my home
  • Should I go to Mong Kok for a set of stereo
  • I need to exercise
  • Food is so cheap in Hong Kong
  • Basketball, perhaps...
  • What if the Red Sox win another World Series
  • The Pats and the Colts are playing next week. I want to see that game
  • HK TV sucks
Ops, my stop now.


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