Blogging at work

Not that I'm supposed to do this... (hey, you know me - I love controversies!)

Recently, we (as a firm) have been granted access to Gmail and other internet email sites. However, I still don't have access to blogger (the working site for blogspot) at work. Hence I have resorted to using the email to send a blog post in. The downside? Can't do pictures. Not that I have much anyway. Herein lies one of the biggest downsides of being home: you don't tend to carry a bulky camera around a town you call home... yet I digress.

Work's been busy. So blogging will end (today).


Andrew said...

keep up the fight. you can always send people messages and procrastinate through my secret, favorite site LOL ;-)

shmoo said...

Wait, your blog is ending entirely, or you're just not going to blog from work anymore?

shmoo said...

Andrew- you have a secret, favorite site? You should totally spank that!