How we hiked 50 km

Well, I did advertise that our team of 4 is hiking the 50km Hong Kong trail. (We're still accepting pledges, by the way) Here it is... step by step! Oh, and thank god for digital photography.

8:25am, Start of the Hong Kong trail - The Peak (Left to right: John, Kwun, Heng, me)
11:38am, ~19km, stretching to loosen tight muscles (So far, moving at 6km/hr... on the easiest part of the Hong Kong trail)
3:42, 30km, John is the last to arrive at this check point... revised speed: 4.2km/hr (lunch and a big break included)
3:44, 30km, requisite group photo
4:02, 30km, requisite medical attention (same spot, revised speed:4km/hr)
6:46, 41km, last check point. We're hiking on empty gas. Speed: 4.04km/hr
7:09, 41km, hiking in the dark takes a lot of focus and energy (especially without a light!)
9:48, 50km, we're done! Final speed is 3.75km/hr

We're still tallying the pledges... it'll probably be a $5,000 (HKD) donation to Green Power. Thanks for all the support and enjoy the pictures.


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