Today, someone spoke about the Google Bomb... apparently its something that scams Google to rank its website higher. Anyway, just to test the case, I typed in Josekin (yeah, search yourself in Google... bet you've never done that!) to see what would happen. My home page and blog came up on top... and then this happened:

Yeah, I'm a bit disturbed. Maybe if you all click on this, it might become the top site, over the real Josekin.

Anyway, I watched Juno last week with YT. Remember the ridiculously good Little Miss Sunshine? (Not much of a review) Juno is the less dark version of Little Miss Sunshine. A very depressing topic (teen pregnancy) is used to reflect what could be great things in life. I know nothing about the regular American family, but I imagine it being quite close to Juno's family. Humorous parents (great supporting act from the editor in Spiderman and the woman from West Wing) dealing with crisis like nothing is a big deal... I mean, it is a big deal, but they just don't act it in front of their daughter. The entire family's dry humor is just hilarious. Ellen Page does a courageous job of playing Juno. I don't think a teenager can really deal with pregnancy with the calmness she displayed, but I guess that was needed to make the movie work. The gorgeous Jennifer Garner does an okay job as a desperate mother-wannabe. I didn't feel that the role fit her.

One of the themes of the movie, like the one in Little Miss Sunshine, is to love a person for exactly who they are. There is no need to fake and become someone (something?) else to please others. Just be yourself. If he/she doesn't like that real you, then why bother? Unfortunately, reality is that we all try to please. That "real me" can sometimes be quite scary!

Well, what to do... I'm sure we all aspire to be the "real me" and not worry about how others view us all the time. Some of us can do that a bit more than others (oh, thick skin and dumb brains can help), but we all slip a little bit sometimes. Anyway, back to the movie: highly recommended.

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