I'm a spoiled brat...

Or is it too much to:
  • Have no mechanical errors on a plane?
  • Have more than one staff handle over a dozen people who missed the connecting flight due to the mechanical error?
  • Have a dedicated staff to handle your best customers so they don't have to fight in a crowd to get ahead in line?
  • Give everybody the same vouchers instead of some people getting hotel AND meal vouchers and others (me, that is) getting only a hotel one because others didn't ask?
  • Release the luggage when people miss their connection flights? You know, just so they can change clothes and maybe brush their teeth?
  • Make sure the luggage stuck in storage is on the next flight?
  • Make sure the luggage is on the flight after you promised the customer that it would be on the flight?
  • Not blame something else (weather, other airline, other department) and admit some guilt?
That's all a loyal customer asks, really. Or am I a spoiled brat?

Arg, I'm so angry, I can't even blog about Bain training in Miami.

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