Other signs...

Well, insofar as traveling goes, Asia indeed has a much better value proposition. I was a bit unfair to the USA in my last top 10 list. Here are some signs that you are in the USA:

10. waitresses calling you honey
9. great beer collection
8. flip flops
7. bikinis
6. blue skies... oh wait, since I thought this, Miami has been cloudy... WTF!?

By the way, BIG BIG BIG kudos to the new Cathay inflight entertainment. Basically, it's an on-Demand system with a 12-inch screen. The movies weren't top-notch, but did include two academy-worthy movies, Juno and No Country for Old Men. There were also episodes of CSI: New York, Heroes, etc.

I watched No Country for Old Men. Very violent. Intense throughout. Excellent movie... though I can't really pinpoint why. There was a vague point about making choices in life, as opposed to life making choices. It was one of those things that was crystal clear during the movie, getting murky towards the end, and Tommy Lee's last speech just confused everything. (The only thing I do remember is the gas station bet) Couple of thoughts:
  • I won't flip the coin unless you tell me the W and L. I can run multiple models in my head to determine whether there is an expected positive return.
  • I will flip only if the terms can be measured. Life, for example, cannot be measured.
  • Don't talk to strangers (laugh)
Also watched 6 episodes of Heroes Season 2. Not nearly as good as Season 1, where there was actually a theme! Note to the networks: you can't just slam random stories around and expect the viewers to tightly follow the plot and guess what the story line is going to be. I have to be "very interested" for it to work. And I'm not.

Breakfast time. Hopefully Miami will have some sunshine today.


shmoo said...

It became pretty clear that the writers had no idea what they were doing towards the end of Heroes season 1. I doubt I'll be watching this show again when it returns.

Anonymous said...

I was just amazed (or disturbed) by the way the killer in 'No Country for Old Men' kills...

and he really looked like ... hmm... a killer... yeah, very disturbing.

- R2