Here's a link to all those maps... forwarded to me by a colleague a day after I hawked it off a former friend's blog. Quite interesting. Reminds me of GSB classes on the reasons and dangers of stereotyping.

Watching the news coverage on the Sichuan earthquake somewhat reminds me of watching the tele after 911. 7 years ago, EVERY channel had the same news going. It was mildly disturbing that there was so much desperation surrounding every media all the time.

Well, one reason why 911 isn't quite reminiscent of the earthquakes is that in 911, there was no hope for survivors and there wasn't even a body to be found. Meanwhile, people's bodies are being pulled out of the rubble all over an area that is similar in size to California. In Hong Kong, doctors are starting to advice people to see the psychiatrist if they feel uncomfortable watching earthquake news.

I have to admit, there's a certain devastation and negative energy if you watch too much news on survivors... oh well. The tremendous outpour of support serves as some good and positive energy to negate the bad. I'll take both.


Laughing Man said...

I have chosen to ignore as much Sichuan news as possible. It's scary how the media is "over-reporting" on quake news. It's almost like a competition. No ads from ATV, newspapers printing in almost all black, it's not healthy. There are better ways to show you care.

Laughing Man said...

Oh, and watch out (re: funny maps)! Chinese people have no sense of humor. The word 幽默 was a direct translation from humor.