Part of being good at what you do is having the instincts, the nose for value, the gut, the sixth sense, the seventh sense of what the future holds with respect to what you do. Blink author Malcolm Gladwell and the scientists that he has interviewed would call that "thin sliced experience". I happen to like "instincts" better.

About two months ago, I was in the lowest point of my professional career (no, it's not that long of a career; yes, I do expect that an even lower point to occur in the future). Think... Murphy's Law. It was a bit of TARFU but not quite FUBAB.

Anyway, my instincts kicked in. There were a million things that were going wrong, but I locked into one of them: "O" If I were to come out of the spiral, I would have to fix "O".

Well, as the story goes, I never could quite fix "O," which led to the lowest point of my professional career. haha. But in a very Ah Q way, I've determined that I have the instincts to survive this business.

Couple of updates:
  • I'm taking photography lessons... improving just a little bit though, so I may stop those $70 a pop lessons
  • Instead of many poker games, I'm doing more sports for the weekend. It makes me sore. But it really makes me feel better the next few days
  • In fact, I'm doing a 3-day Outwardbound outing starting tomorrow
  • I'm looking for any travel to Korea tips (end of month)

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