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Reading a former friends' blog and found this link that is quite funny if you can read Chinese... its a "The World According to Taiwan" map. I followed another link to find some hilarious "The World According to..." maps.

Anyway, I was typing to above paragraph when I subconsciously noted that I used "former friend" to address my former friend. We were friends once. Something happened and we were no longer friends. While I regret some of the circumstances and also the result, I don't regret what I did. Perhaps I could have handled it better; nonetheless, I think I did my best.

It did get me thinking though... how many "former friends" do I have? Friendships diluted by time don't count. Girlfriends and boyfriends don't count. Wives and husbands don't count. I might just have only one former friend. How many do you have?

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Laughing Man said...

Interesting. I used to have quite a few former friends 7-8 years ago, but we've made amends and I managed to lower that number to zero. Now it's back to two.

Not a "former friend", but a girl said "goodbye" at her farewell party as she moved away from Boston. I said, "goodbye?". She said, "it's not like you're going to keep in touch".

She was right.