Temp report from Korea...

So far so good in Korea... quick thoughts:
  • The entire country could use some hygienic education: like covering your mouths when you cough or sneeze
  • Public trash cans can eliminate privately "built" ones
  • Love the small dishes - hundred of them
  • Real kimchi is much better
  • BBQ is good anywhere in the world, but especially in Korea
  • Unfortunately, there's only Korean food in Korea...
  • Reminds me of Japan and China... I guess the influences never stop
  • King tombs are quite a sight... endless temples and palaces are fun since you can actually tour them all given their smaller sizes!
  • Student protests (witnessed one today, no idea what they are protesting for)
  • SM games... don't know why teenagers like to slap each other on the wrists so much
Share some pics: kalbi, traditional Korean ceremony (King's birthday), all those small dishes, and a temple.

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