Bad Blogger and Election Day!

*Note: you MUST read to the end and click on the link... it will put the smile on your busy day

I am a bad blogger. Last post was on October 19th!

Since then, I could have shared...
  1. Beautiful pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge... I actually think my photography has improved a little bit for whatever reason. I've been more patient in preparing my camera for the photo instead of snapping away
  2. The end of my 7-month telecommunication case
  3. The my half day beach time (sigh)
  4. Attending a recruiting session as a recruiter or (welcome, former IB recruits!)
  5. Attending a recruiting session for Chicago GSB (welcome, laid off bankers!)
  6. Finishing the ironic book "Damn it feels good to be a banker"

Anyway, I was watching US elections on CNN in Shanghai and just heard the following:

  • Commentator X: Let me share with you what we know for sure based on our projections
  • Commentator 1: As you can see, McCain is leading Obama in by votes...
  • Commentator 2: These numbers mean nothing since only a very small number of votes have been counted...
  • Commentator Y: We've just beamed in from Chicago. What you are seeing here is the hologram of ... this is the first time on cable television....

(Josekin: so... do you know for sure? or are you projecting? Did you just report for 5 minutes something that doesn't even matter? why do I care about a Hologram?)

By the way, the analysis on early results on Indiana was excellent. They went into the State, looked at county by county votes and compared it to the 2004 election, showing that some of the key Democrat counties have not been counted, that Obama is actually winning some counties that were previously Republican, and that he's only losing by a few percentage points in counties where John Kerry lost by a landslide four years ago. Therefore, Obama is doing quite well in Indiana. Now THAT is what I call a good analysis.

(I know you don't care... but I'd vote for Obama. As PNGF aptly put, President Palin just sounds like a real disaster. My precinct is in Mass and my vote doesn't really change anything. Um... or does it matter...!? This is HILARIOUS!)

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Laughing Man said...

That video was awesome! Especially since Big-O won. You're off the hook [your friend's name here]!