Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is indeed quite photogenic from all sorts of angles. I remember seeing it for the first time about 10 years ago when I visited NYC with FK. We took a ferry tour that went under several bridges. Only the Brooklyn Bridge caught my eye (and the Statue of Liberty). On this visit, PNGF took me to the Brooklyn side and we walked back to Manhattan.

Lots of patterns to play around during this nice day out on the bridge. I think I took about 100 pictures before distilling it down to about 8 to 10. I especially like the last one.

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chaubella said...

i especially like the middle one =)

The Dirty Canuck said...

good sir, these shots make me miss NYC something fierce. am in London for 6 months, but i live right on the Brooklyn side of this beauty (can see it from my front door). seems like post-MBA life is treating you like it's treating all of us. word.

. : christine : . said...

Very nice!