Basketball book

At the recommendation of The Pretender, I read ":07 seconds or Less" by Jack McCallum. Pretty good book following the magical season of the Steve Nash-led Phoenix Suns in 2006. It closely follows the playoff run (Come from behind win against the Lakers, beating the Clippers, and finally falling to the Mavericks.) and cuts back in and out of the regular season to give personalities to all parties involved.

There were several things I leanred:
  • #1 reason for winning: personalities and egos (doesn't surprise me... you can call this chemistry)
  • #2 reason: talent matters too... but if the egos go the wrong way, nothing will work (not surprising either)
  • What does surprise me, however, is how much coaches matter. Not the Xs and Ox of the coaching though. What matters is how they manage personalities and massage egos to make the team work
  • #3 reason: actually, that's it. Personalities, egoes, and talent.
Verdict: Highly recommended if you like basketball.

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