Disgusting movies

I think it's fair to say that the most disgusting movie I've seen is Borat (see review from 2006). Unfortunately, that's been topped, TWICE, in the last two weeks.

Team America - well, I confess, it wasn't that stupid. Apparently, political irony mixed with cartoons is a decent combo and lands some hilarious blows. For example, I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. made me laugh real hard real long. However, I didn't know it was going to be disgusting... as in doll sex disgusting. There was a baby in the audience and we had to cover her eyes even though she doesn't understand any of it. I also had to cover PNGF's eyes. Disgusting! Um... I also admit that "America, Fuck Yeah!" song is stuck in my head. Not recommended.

Bruno - Before the movie, I told PNGF that the over-under is 20 for boobs and 3 for penis. I was way wrong about one of them. AAARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I feel very bad for Ron Paul and his publicist should be fired for not spotting Borat. Otherwise, I doubt any of the other characters were real - it fact, they all seem too staged as opposed to Borat. Awful movie. And my new #1 disgusting movie. (Even though, you know, I laughed real hard during the movie...) Not recommended.

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