Photography class

Some of you already know that I'm taking photography classes in New York at the wonderful ICP. One week of intensive classes was very helpful to me. Here are two photos and the story:

Instructor: wow, what did you say to this girl? She has a really open smile.
Josekin: um... that's my girlfriend...
Instructor: ah, that makes sense (back hand compliment?)... since we're talking about portraits, what did you tell her to do before you snapped the picture?
Josekin: uh... she said "take a picture of me"....

Ah, but the lesson as usual, you can always tell some of the relationships between the photographer and his/ her subject from the face. It's that easy.

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Classmate: wow, that's a nice picture. Who is that? He looks so majestic... is he a CEO or something?
Josekin: (smiling at his own photo-cropping skills) yeah, he is a CEO!

Later in the day...
Instructor: now this is a nice picture that conveys confidence and power. How did you ask the subject to pose?
Josekin: That's Warren Buffet... I don't think I asked him to pose... I just knelt down and took a picture.
Instructor: Class, some people, actors for example, are so comfortable and trained in appearing in public (back hand compliment 2? I can't decide)

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Kwun said...

i like your photography class instructor! =D