Ghetto AJ Maxwell

It was a nice coincidence that college buddy CA visited NYC while Restaurant Week (slowly becoming Restaurant Month due to current downturn...) was on. We wanted to pick something near Time Square so AJ Maxwell fit the billing.

$35 for a choice of appetizer (soup or salad), choice of entree (strip steak, filet mignon, rib steak (?), or lobster), choice of dessert (bread pudding, cheesecake, or sorbet) sounded like a pretty good deal. On to the actual meal:
  • Ceasar salad was okay...
  • The filet mignon was juicy and flavorful; the AJ Maxwell steak sauce (on the side, thankfully) is a bit too sweet for my taste and would have ruined the steak. Nice steak. And the mash potatoes were creamy and very good
  • The bread pudding was god-awful - it was dry and tasted like a sponge cake with no flavor whatsoever. The cheesecake, however, really blew our mind.
I guess they had to think of all sorts of ways to justify the $35 price tag and the value given. Here're the two cheesecakse: one for myself and one for CA.

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That's right... they gave me the top of the cheesecake and CA the bottom crust! That's one slice serving two customers! Savings, cha ching! GHETTO!!!!!

Plus, the service wasn't attentive at all and they forced a 20% service fee to the restaurant week menu. Look, AJ, if you are trying to attract future customers with RW, at least be genuine and give us a good time. Now, I will never come back... unlesss PNGF finds the $50 coupon she has.


chaubella said...

yeah i was about to say... i thought you were going to help me use my gift cert? =P

when I went there for RW for lunch a year ago, they were busy, but the service was decent and i got a full size cheesecake. my friend ordered a dessert off the regular menu (he didn't want the cheesecake), and the waitress insisted on bringing out both desserts for him (and the rest of us benefited). =)

Laughing Man said...

I had some very dubious dining experiences in NYC. One time it involved very mediocre food and piss poor service, and the waiter comes running after us on our way out because we gave an 18% tip when I suppose they expected 20% (though it was never mentioned or written down).