Fuck Windows

What can be worse than the BSOD in the modern world???? (Blue Screen of Death, duh!)

Try "Windowns cannot repair this computer automatically "

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg. Mother fucking fuck fucking A! Pardon me for swearing.

Last night, I went to sleep thinking "Fuck Windows, I'm getting a Mac. Macs won't screw me like this"

Rescue mission underway now. Let's see how well Lenovo "Rescue and Recovery" does.


Rimsky said...

Uhhh...Macs would break down as soon as your warranty is over. At least Lenovo lasted you 4 years. You DO have a NAS right???? Moral of the story - backup on NAS.

Josekin said...

It's a new Lenovo, damn it!

I do back up, so it's okay for pictures!

michelle said...

Arrr...I just got the cannot repair on my pc!! I thought the same "I'm getting a mac next!". Did you get it fixed yet? Howwwww?????

Josekin said...

Lenovo has a rescue and recover program that lets me recover files that were there. Hit F11 when you start up and it should boot up some security and recovery screen. Good luck!