The Wire with TF

I'm blogging from about 40,000 feet over somewhere in Nevada/Arizona. Pretty cool, I'd say. Internet on flights will be a regular thing soon with extended battery lives.

Anyway, I've been watching Season 4 of The Wire with TF lately. I think she's enjoying it. And I'm definitely enjoying it, especially with her reactions during the show. For example, she always gets tensed up when people are walking in the dark alley.
  • "Oh shit, something is going to happen, right?"
  • "Is he going to be shot?"
  • "I'm scared"
Of the people whom she thinks are going to die all the time: Bodie and Carcetti. Whenever a car drives up to Bodie's corner for a re-up, TF instinctively thinks machine guns are going to come blazing out. I'm not sure why she thinks Carcetti is going to die all the time... but obviously she's been movie trained and regular TV trained.
  • "No, hon, nobody is going to shoot the mayor-to-be when he walks out his home"
  • "They are just kids hanging out... nobody is shooting at them"
  • "I told you this was realistic... there's no drama... and nobody is gong to shoot at the police"


The Pretender said...

I think the worry about Bodie is an east-coast west-coast thing. Don't really do drive-bys on the east coast, so no real worry there.

Laughing Man said...

Wow, my girlfriend usually just has trouble with the street lingo like, "fo'sho'", "mos'def'", and "get got".

She enjoys it though (we just started S2), and wasn't deterred by the "fuckity fuck episode".