The Michael Lewis Effect - what's wrong with this picture:

A while ago, I read this great article by Micheal Lewis (of MoneyBall Fame) on the value of Shane Battier. I'm still skeptical of the points, but it's nonetheless a good attempt on trying to define some intangibles in basketball.

Then comes this poster:

Okay, so this is Kobe preparing to dunk, probably a reference to the Lakers' defending their title with their star player. Probably.

So, who are the other characters in the poster trying to chase him? In categories:
  • Good chance: KG (Celtics), Manu Ginobili (Spurs)
  • Distant maybe: Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets), Chris Paul (Hornets), Deron Williams (Jazz)
  • No way in hell: Baron Davis (Clippers)
  • Okay, they are there because they are cute: Bulls, Nuggets, Suns mascots
And then there are the two right in front of the rim:
  • Derrick Rose (Bulls) - okay, I can understand the Rookie of the Year being there...
  • Shane Battier (Rockets)!!!!!!????? That's the best person from the Rockets you can put on the poster? Not Yao? Not T-Mac? Not Luis Scola? Not Trevor Ariza?
Not sure how 2K sports designed their posters. Maybe Kobe called and demanded
  1. "you make sure you put Shane Battier trying to block me... make sure he has no lift whatsoever so it looks like I can dunk on his sorry ass.
  2. Put Denver at my feet - I had a bad experience there a few years back.
  3. Nobody from the Orlando Magic - they weren't worthy
  4. Put KG there, he was worthy - I need motivation to destroy him
  5. And I won't share the stage with LeBron. No, I won't accept it."

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siu said...

it's probably problem with the endorsement that's why Yao and T-Mac couldnt appear on the poster....

but Kobe rules! =)