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Well, ESPN just spent ten minutes to describe the "fall-outs" from Chicago's ouster in the first round of voting for the 2016 Olympic games. Here's what an ESPN reporter had to say:
  • "there's a lot of backroom dealings... been some issues between the US Olympic Committee and the International Committee... it's a huge disappointment... it (Obamas) really didn't matter... it's a defeat for The President and he hasn't suffered much defeat in his career..."
And of course we have the great American free press, courtesy of sports columnist Jay Mariotti:
  • "affects the legacy of The President... and Mayor Daley... Chicago is the 2nd city with an inferiority complex... it hurts a lot... I don't think the city is going to get over it for quite some time..."
What a bunch of BULLSHIT! I'll tell you why Rio deserves to host the Olympics:
  1. "Thousands of people stood in bewildered silence in downtown Chicago on Friday after the International Olympic Committee eliminated the city from the race for the 2016 Summer Olympics in the first round of voting.
  2. "Nearly 50,000 people cheered in celebration when Rio was announced as host, jumping and shouting in a Carnival-like party on Copacabana beach."
Look, they had 50,000 people hoping for a nod of approval. 50,000! Do you know what happens if 50,000 filled Michigan Ave? They become a major annoyance to the locals, that's what.

Want more evidence?
  • After IOC President Jacques Rogge announced the winner, Brazilian football legend Pele was reduced to tears.
  • Think Chicago basketball legend Michael Jordan is in tears? I think not.
It's really quite simple. Brazilians, much like the Chinese years ago, wanted the Olympics more. It was a matter of national pride, and that's that. South America has never hosted an Olympic event. Brazil is already committed to hosting the World Cup in 2014.

Instead of bickering over Obama's lack of influence and faults on the voting system, how about a loud applause to Rio de Jeneiro? ESPN, how about that, a little sunlight for Rio? Please?

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Grace said...

I agree that Rio, more importantly the PEOPLE there, wanted more and deserve the winning. Being in Chicago, I've not felt much throughout the process. Well, if I happened to walk to the Daley plaza this morning, I might have finally got to see what could be called a gathering for Olympics. Olympics is very sentimental, so too much practical sense such as costs and priorities that seemed to concern Chicagoans a lot just would not help.