Continuing in Scandinavia...

More images from Scandinavia... this one was taken in Christianhavn... Poweryogi, of course we did. For the unsuspecting, this is the "Amsterdam" of Copenhagen, though I would dispute that. Here are the faces of BSLW and JM. Christianhavn put the fear in them, especially when I was doing the forbidden photography (see next picture).

Not me though. Even though I wasn't supposed to take pictures. I did. Hey, I'm into photography and I have a problem with it. Just let me have my fix. No pictures at the famed Woodstock Cafe though. That place put the fear in me for sure. Some bum came up to me to tell me to stop taking pictures. (For one thing, we were on bikes so we knew we (just I?) could make a break for it if we needed to!)

After expensive Copenhagen ($10 beers, buyers beware!), we arrive at the much more reasonable Helsinki. This is from Esplanadi, the main walking street of Helsinki. A very awesome place with just a bit too many people! There were also some architecture by Aalto, though I wasn't too impressed.

One of the highlights of the trip is visiting this Russian Orthodox Church - the biggest of its kind in Western Europe - in Helsinki. It overlooks the harbor and most of downtown Helsinki. We took a nap under the afternoon sun there.

After the church was Senate Square, where a great domed cathedral stood in silence. We spent a lot of time just wandering that place too. People watching is a must in Finland.

They weren't kidding about White Nights... this was taken at midnight and it was still quite bright out. The sun has set but the twilight was still around... I think it eventually went away at 4am... only to resurface at 6am, just in time for sunrise!
We visited the Suomenlinna, Finland's great sea fortress. It wasn't all that impressive from the ground though the air shots looked very good. Here's a cannon for your entertainment. Blah.
The not so impressive sea fortress was followed by a great meal at the fresh fish market right off the pier. I've never had salmon that good!

Next up will be St. Petersburg. I have to say, so far St. Petersburg is the city I like the most, and that's not because of the drop dead gorgeous women who just walk on the streets in regularity. It has to do with a scuba diver and Babitchka, aka Olga Igorova. Oh, and one of the greatest museums I've ever been to! Stay tuned.


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