Goodbye, GSBers

In the last few days, I said goodbye to two of my best friends at the GSB. I'm not very good at saying goodbyes. It's basically take care, I hope to see you in Hong Kong or your city. How lame. Yet I can't find the right words to say. Oh well. Goodbye it is. I'm sure we will all meet again.

Lately I've been wondering about the significance of a successful career. Why is that such a center piece of my (or your) life? What if you make some concessions and you can end up happily with friends and family but lose a little bit on the career side? My MBA training plus a self-fulfilling prophecy means that I will be biased for the importance of career. Let the record show that I do care about my job a lot and I want to do great and progress well in my career. No doubt about it.

Yet in the back of my head is the voice that says I can enjoy life just as much (if not better) if I am willing to sacrifice some prestige, some money, some status...

Maybe it's the effects of Amsterdam. Not. Ibiza was a lot of fun... and Amsterdam might be the only place that can possibly top it. I also sandwiched a wedding in Brussels during my stay in Amsterdam. No pictures due to Western Europe's reluctance in supporting good technology (i.e. WIFI). But they will come, just like they've come for all the other countries!


shmoo said...

I know you're not talking about me, we didn't actually say goodbye! I'm guessing BSLW and PP.

How was the wedding?

SloopJohnBSLW said...

That's because it's not goodbye. It's til we meet again, because there is no doubt we will. Hope you're having fun at the chateau!

hedonist said...

It's interesting you are thinking about the work/life balance issue. I've been thinking about that a way, I think we have been wired into thinking that career is the most important thing in our lives. At this age, I can't even begin to think about placing anything ahead of it. *pathetic...*