Starting with Scandenavia

The vacation didn't look too good when it was raining all night in Copenhagen the first night. BLSW and I soaked ourselfs for some random dinner place. The night was short.

Next morning we managed to take a train to Malmo, Sweden. Yup, a country in a day... pretty cool that the Danes and the Swedish are so close. Here's the Turning Torso, Malmo's prized building that overlooks the bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden.

The little mermaid from Anderson's Tales lives on. Quite possibly the most popular exhibit in Copenhagen... though I do like her older sister better.

Who knew the painted cows were an invention of the Danes before the Americans copied them? This one, however, is quite the alternative. Yes, that's a Beaver on top. No, this cow cannot be alive.

Our hotel, however dingy, had pretty good pastries. I'm just a bit sad that I didn't try these.

Other highlights (in reverse order):
  • its almost 3am now in Helsinki and the sky just got dark
  • nap in front of a Orthodox Church
  • A "Lam" in the airport who was also going to Helsinki
  • biking in Copenhagen
  • watching Die Hard 4 in Copenhagen (don't ask)
  • Malmo, aka IKEA town; there's no IKEA store, but everything there felt IKEA - even the supermarket!
  • Pizza buffet dinner... not!
Off to more Helsink and St Petersburg next!


Le Voyageur said...

Visiting Malmo would be surreal. IKEA is big and traumatizing enough in store format - city would be too much to handle.

Enjoying the pics and travel blog - keep it coming!

Why isn't BSLW blogging?

PowerYogi said...

dudes, did you Christiania ??

Josekin said...

Of course I did, dude.

And I have no answer for BSLW.