My Dry Day

Wow, I used Y in all three words in my title... which is a problem since the Austrian keyboard apparently has Y and Z reversed. I had no idea I typed Y so much!

Anzwaz, here are some important updates... mz website has been updated with a lot of dots. (Trz Mz travel log in Peru is almost done. Need to upload a large amount of pictures to it but wireless connections have been kind of suckz. The page might take some time to load, but it'll get there as long as zou reload once or twice (and hez, sometimes it works great!)

Okaz, must type right now... fun while it lasted. Had to keep asking my finger not to hit backspace. It's so instinctive to do it.

I made some quick picture albums for Copenhagen, Malmo, Helsinki, the three Scandivanian cities. The travel log for those countries are actuallz completed, but I haven't had time to combine the pictures to the albums and also upload into Picasa. St. Petersburg, as zou can see, is a work in progress (LOL), and I haven't gotten to the other cities zet.


pngf said...

congrats on your dry day. quite an accomplishment. =) welcome to my world =P

Anonymous said...

Bro, life in Chicago without zou is indeed boring. Sometimes I think it maz not be a bad idea to transfer to HK office.

Enjoz the rest of zou dazs in Europe.

- 2R