All them critics

We met for drinks a while ago, but it wasn't quite long enough to have a meaningful conversation. So when YT and I finally sat down for dinner one day, it was a nice feeling. Similar to when I met up with KL in NYC a year and a half ago (you know, the one that bought a smile to my face), catching up with YT was great.

It's always been important to me to receive honest opinion. I don't sugarcoat anything. While that type of behavior gets me into trouble (to all those offended, I am sorry), it sometimes also gets me into long lasting friendships. The point? I respect and want honest opinion. And the relevance? YT gave me some.

As I've learned in life (and confirmed by the great U of Chicago social scientists), it's easy to form an opinion of yourself and not waver from it too much. After all, you have gone through all your experiences yourself, and nobody else has quite experienced the same.

So when YT disagreed with one of my assessments (of myself of course... no worries, I won't tell you what it is) and gave me her honest opinion, my initial reaction is to reject. Criticism. Hard. To. Take. In fact, I think I was a bit angry that she had been so direct in criticizing me. First of all, she is wrong. Second of all, even if she is right, she is still wrong. =) At the time, I of course redirected the topic and avoided further conversations on the point. I just felt that she's wrong and this wasn't worth discussing.

It wasn't until I was on the cab on my way home when it struck me that she was right. Keep them honest opinions coming. They may not be all right, but they are definitely all appreciated. You need these criticisms to keep improving.

p.s. this is a bit like consulting, isn't it... you have to be honest to your client!
p.s.2. totally irrelevant... but this freakenomic post is cool


meghaks said...

What a tease of a post... :-P

Josekin said...

Yes indeed!