New York from Above

Interesting post on the GSB. And online dating. On the latter, I'm not surprised at all. Research have shown similar people are attracted to each other... and females are often matched to males with a slightly higher income. Same job qualifies as similar; boss qualifies as slightly higher income. (See comments - an ex of a friend would probably be similar by association!)

Anyway, I promised the heli tour PNGF and I took in New York.

We took a stroll from PNGF's Wall Street apartment to enjoy some fresh air (as opposed to the subway smell) near the Brooklyn bridge. As I was taking pictures of the other New York, I noticed all these helicopters zooming around and landing somewhere near where we stood. A Heli tour hasn't entered my mind yet, but I was curious on what was going on...

Next thing you know, we're at a ghetto van buying a ghetto ticket for a helicopter tour. Reckless, maybe. Fun, definitely. Since we Asians are smaller in size (body size), we were given the front seats (yay! size matters!). Awesome view of everything. Sitting in the front is kind of interesting because you have to place you foot on the bottom glass. A bit unsettling, i have to say. For the heli-virgins, it's worth it. Sit in the front and challenge your senses. The views are amazing.

See the blade of the helicopter?

Quite a nice view of the city. It was difficult to take pictures on the helicopter as it kept moving and vibrating. I wish I had a wide angle lens though.

The immortal Madison Square Garden... housing the sad Knicks led by Isiah Thomas. We could have seen a game at MSG (Bulls visiting!) but didn't. Sweeney Todd instead... probably for the better.

And of course a requisite Statue of Liberty picture. I wish the heli spent more time here...

=) A picture from the ground was probably better.

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Laughing Man said...

Ha ha ha ha ha Isiah...!

Sorry, it's still funny.