Odd numbers...

In 2006, I posted 173 posts, almost a blog post every 2 days.

In 2007, I posted 173 posts, almost a blog post every 2 days.

I kid you not.

More than half a month into 2008, I've made a grand total of 3 posts. Here are my excuses:
  • Company network blocks where I use to post. Communist network blocks entirely.
  • Busy at work while not at home, where I can blog (like now)
  • So much going on that I don't know what to blog about... like about all my Christmas presents. Or the up-coming super Wing Squad reunion.
I did attend a wedding of a fellow GSBer in Taipei because I was "passing by" for work. The haunted Taipei Grand Hyatt is officially my second home - you see... the doorman recognized me and said "Welcome back, Mr. Lam." Anyway, I met up with another GSBer traveling from Japan and of course showed him the good food in Taiwan, highlighted by the very very yummy dumplings from Ting Tai Fung:

I've been "training" for a 50km hike - it's not the distance that's a problem; it's the time we're trying to break (By the way, I figured that if I made a public commitment, I'd be more committed to it... or whatever)I did the first 20km two weeks ago. I'm so out of shape. But my photography is still around.

Gotta love Hong Kong when the skies are clear. Sort of.

You know how bankers complain about their hours and we laugh at their career choice? Well, I'm going to go ahead and complain about travel. Some of the hotels just make me wake up sick (no more JC Mandarin, no more Hilton). I don't get it. The Shanghai Le Meriden is great though. I'll be there next week as well. Last week, I was stuck in the Shanghai airport due to fog. I decided to get back to the city... only to be stuck in traffic. I think I spent 4 hours on the taxi going back and forth from the fog-covered airport. I left the next morning at 7am. I fly too much, yes... but there are some rewards. My friend at Cathay upgraded my mileage account to a higher tier, which paid dividends right away today as I took the last seat on a full flight (not lining up like all the other peasants do apparently did the job. woohoo!).

I have the awful habit of bringing my camera while traveling just in case good photo opportunities come up. It did:


shmoo said...

This was EL's wedding I presume? Who else was there?

Laughing Man said...

Did you take your friend to the "Tourist" or "Local" floor of Ding Tai Feng?