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Well... since I have been very lazy (note: limited by networks in China and company), I thought just to get some pictures out.

Thank you Le Meridien for a wonderful ending to my stay in Shanghai. I rarely order room service at hotels, but since I had to be up at 5am, I figured a little bit of breakfast would have helped. As you can see, it more than helped. =)

Twas a good ending because it started very rocky: they put me at first in a room that had two TWIN SIZE beds. TWIN SIZE! Last time I slept in twin size bed was in a hostel. Ghetto. And th receptionist didn't even bother to tell me that! (Anyway, I complained and the situation was corrected with an apology note from the hotel GM. That's how you retain valuable customers, United Airlines)

Random pictures I took in different restaurants around Hong Kong. There is so much to notice in the slightest of things. The salt and pepper from Brunch Club.

An ice (great whiskey at this lounge... I need to find out the name of it) in a glass. I took it using a long shutter while trying to demonstrate what a long shutter would do. Accidental pictures are great sometimes!

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Laughing Man said...

You should never ever ever add ice to good whisky... tsk tsk.