Christmas Presents!

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I got a Christmas present. Before 2007:
  • 2006: In Galapagos, we got a very bad sparkling wine (no way it was Champaign) as "Christmas present." I paid for the trip though, so that shouldn't count.
  • 2005: Spent in Hong Kong. I must have gotten something from then GF.
  • 2004: I came back to Hong Kong for a wedding. No recollection of presents.
  • 2003: Present from Alan for the entire family to go to Spain.
Back to 2007... a very fruitful Christmas.

iPod nano: courtesy of my employer! I had a choice between the Nano, a Canon camera, and Nintendo DS. I have to say, I struggled mightily between the Nano and the NDS. At the end, the inability of my current iPod shuffle to indicate song name pushed me over the edge. (Speaking of which... I now have an original iPod, a shuffle, and a nano. I didn't pay a penny for any of them. I guess that's why Steve Job is so rich.

Shure headphones: allow me to say that if you haven't tried Shure headphones, you really haven't experienced headphones. These things fit nicely into your ears. And, man, the sound quality is SO MUCH better. I never knew my old iPod headphones were such crap. Thank you, PNGF!

Macro lens: Thank you, self. Christmas was the perfect excuse for me to buy something for myself (um, yeah, the salary helps as well... you know, since I haven't been paid for two years...). The Nikon 60mm 2.8 Macro (they call themselves a Micro lens; same as Macro) is wonderful for indoor macro photography. I did look at the Nikon D300, but decided that was a bit out of my skill and price range. I really need to improve my photography.

Love all my presents. Using all of them all the time.

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Anonymous said...

i would take the NDS for sure. :D