Little Miss Sunshine

I feel shameless if I leave comments on my own blog. Therefore, I will reply to your comments here: one can of course have different group of friends; my questions is if you have many groups, you may have less of a friendship than if you only hung out with one group. Especially among new groups. I know that I don't have to spend time with my middle school friends and they will continue to be good true forever friends.

I guess a Chicago way of asking the question is whether time spent with person (measured by some unit of time - either in hours or in frequency or both) is correlated to degree of friendship (measured by... uh... I don't know... money - how much are you willing to lend Eric without assurances he will pay you back), adjusted for current wealth and generosity (damn, can't measure that though!). Sorry, couldn't resist.

Just saw the movie Little Miss Sunshine. I loved it. Unfortunately, the moment of simple joy can never persist in real life. You always get sucked back into troubles in life.

Also on the list of movies I want to see but probably won't: Thank You for Not Smoking, Illusionist, An Inconvenient Truth, Hollywoodland, This Movie is Not Yet Rated (I think that's what it's called - too lazy to do background research)...

The Departed, starring an improbable cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, and Jack Nicholson, will be on Oct 6. I'm very much looking forward to the American remake of the HK hit movie. I doubt that the replication can match the original, only because the emphasis on collectivism will probably not ring any bells among American audience. Or maybe they will heavily edit the movie, which actually won't be a bad thing at all!

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shmoo said...

Speaking of friends loaning money and Little Miss Sunshine, you never paid me for the ticket. ;)