Fascinating artcile on Iceland

Want to understand the global financial crisis? Take a look at this Michael Lewis (of Liar Poker and Moneyball fame) piece on Iceland's quick rise to wealth and fall to bankruptcy within a matter of years. While I'm on Michael Lewis, he also had a fascinating piece of the value of Shane Battier, a marginal basketball players on the Houston Rockets.

(Sorry, don't blame me for putting you into a Michael Lewis time suck... blame him)


chaubella said...

great article. this part stood out:

"Single men traded less sensibly than married men, and married men traded less sensibly than single women: the less the female presence, the less rational the approach to trading in the markets."

based on the results of an MIT study. ha. too much testosterone =P

chaubella said...

btw, NYMag claims none of the details in Mr. Lewis' article are true: