煲仔饭 review

Well, I went to this wonderful 煲仔饭 place with my parents on Valentines Day (see? I said it was a horrible festival! Just kidding mom and dad!). 坤记 only took reservations and the earliest time we could get a few days in advance was 8:30pm. So be it.

Keep in mind that this isn't a restaurant for dates. It's in a very old part of town in Hong Kong and they are quite old school. We sat outside the restaurant beside two dumpsters and cars were driving past us every minute or so. One even parked next to us and the driver and his guest came out and went into the restaurant for a meal. So to be on V-day night with filled reservations till late was quite remarkable.

On to the food: excellent 煲仔饭. I can't even describe why it is so good.
  • The rice was burnt a bit but not too much
  • Easy to scrap the bottom of the pot
  • Good crispy rice left
  • Excellent Chinese sausage
  • We also had a very good garlic shrimp dish and leng yu fish ball soup
And it all came to about $100 per person!

Highly recommended.

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Juanjaime said...

isn't HK$100 per person a bit expensive?