Re-post Oscar Short Animation

An earlier post on the Oscar winner of Short Animation was taken down by Youtube for copy right reasons. Sorry about that. Here's the video of La Maison en Petits Cubes again. Nobody took this down for 3 weeks or so, so I hope the link keeps working and you can view it.

Poor old man. He was pushed by rapid economic development, represented by rising water from global warming (how poetic), to give up memories and comfort of his home, even though he never gave up on life. The smoke pipe became his only emotional attachment to his human side as memories of loved ones faded into the water.

Some metaphors I see:
  • the house representing one's social life... which makes a rather sad story
  • the smoke pipe: linked to one only... selfish, material, but real...
  • everything else under water: linked to many, never cherished at the time, material, but real...
  • memories: the most valuable even though you need the above to recall it...
Do we need material things to maintain our sanity in the world? Isn't the life experience with those you love enough? Or do we need to grab something physical to remember?

Highly highly recommended.

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