President fail...

Not quite a fail blog entry... but still...

And I know you are thinking Obama. I'm not. The political price of doing nothing is steep and so he is doing things that aren't going to be effective. Look, there's a reason why we call it a depression... if you can so easily reverse it, why call it a depression? Just call it "some down time"... or "beach" as we consultants call it.

Anyway, in the African island of Madagascar, the military has handed the seat of the president to a 34 year old... except that the constitution only allows someone over 40 to become president. Constitution be damned, people power rule!

Where's the vice president? Chief of staff? Head of House? Where's the chain of command there?

As Leonardo DiCaprio once famously said in Blood Diamond, TIA - This is Africa. (Speaking of which... I posted this on Africa a while ago, and got this comment in response in a different post... still scratching my head)

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