HK Sevens!

One of my dreams in life is to attend HK Sevens before I turn 30. (Not.)

Anyway, somehow got my hands on tickets to HK Sevens... here's the scene when I arrived at about 3:30pm (Game started at 10:30am) on Saturday. the stadium already smelled like beer.

It's HKD 1080 for free seat and re-entry all day. So we wandered over the to famous South Stand (you'll see). From the nose bleed seats, I can see everything happening in the South Stand. And of course "No spectator shall pass this point". They forgot to print "you will fall down and die if you do pass this point".

Yeah, here's the typical scene in South Stand. All sorts of weird people dressed up weird and all piss drunk since 12pm.

Here's a not so typical scene in South Stand. My question is, what is he thinking!? As in he in the background... that's a precious look while you just let your friend do stupid things. (The shoe has been passed around a few times... I was too amazed to take pictures the first few times)

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Hong Kong Sevens, Recommended (before you turn 30)!

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Charmian said...

just dropping by to say hi and tell u that i m reading ur blog =P

love the shoe picture!!!