Democracy and Hamas

Exit polls show Hamas gaining about 40% of the votes in the latest Palestinian election. Yup, the same Hamas branded as a terrorist organization by the US State Department (thanks for reminding us every single time you report about Hamas, CNN) are selected by the Palestinian people. Two points:

1. No doubt this is a democratic election. If the Palestinians support Hamas, are their supporters of terrorism? What implications does that have on US policies regarding Palestine? Do you still acknowledge the effect that Hamas has on Palestine and engage in negotiations?

A democratic terrorist government... what an irony.

2. Is this a successful election? Can an election that produces a terrorist (by US and Israel standards anyway) government be considered successful? Strangely, you could make the same case in the US, where many Palestinians/Middle East people would consider the Bush administration terrorism. Anyway... there are many lessons to be learned here.

In college, I remember writing about free market fiscal policies. The US supports such policies and enforces it through IMF bailouts. BUT ONLY IF the target country is willing to do it the as US advices. i.e. only if it is in line with national interests. Will democracy (and non-democracy for that matter) be the same deal? I suspect so.

We'll love your democracy if it loves our democracy;
We'll love your dictatorship if it loves our democracy;
We'll hate your democracy if it hates our democracy;
We'll hate your dictatorship if it hates our democracy.

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