Recruit at as many firms as possible

Yeah yeah, the nay-sayers think it's stupid because you're spread too thin and can't do well at everything. Well, I'd like to offer another way to view the recruiting process:

I was treated to a very nice dinner by a consulting firm who shall remain unnamed. Great restaurant. Here's what transpired:
7:00 Arriving in style. Our hosts just sat down.
7:02 I hate sticky name tags.
7:03 Whooped out the magnetic name tag, followed by "wow" from the recruiter.
7:05 My name is Eric... blah blah blah... if you don't mind, let me take a look at the menu
7:30 Excellent, everybody is here. Can we order food yet?
7:30 - 7:45 This is difficult... Octopus or Scallop? Or soup? Char or Salmon? Or Tuna? Steak or Veal? Wine? Are our hosts choosing a bottle? Oh shit, I forgot her name... what's her name? Is she going to interview me? I wonder what's on the dessert menu?
8:00 Octopus arrives. The dish looks delightful. Probably a whole baby squid, bbqed and smelling really good. It did not disappoint.
8:20 Arctic Char arrives. After much debate, I decided to ask our server for her opinion. She went with the Arctic Char, and matched it with a white wine (whatever that means). Excellent choice by me (for asking for her opinion). Excellent choice by her too. It's similar to salmon but with a lighter taste. Very impressed with the treatment of the skin - seared and crunchy - and the meat - medium.
8:30 Tried some veal from my friend's dish... not that impressed. Where's the tenderness!?
8:31 Are we ordering dessert?
8:35 Are we?
8:50 I cleaned my plate. My host ask if I have had enough food. Not good times.
8:51 I poured some fries for myself. I think someone is staring.
9:00 Dessert menu! Yes!
9:02 uh-oh... banana dessert? cake and shake? port wine?
9:20 Cake and Shake. I'll let the restaurant do the desccription: layers of chocolate buttermilk cake milk chocolate and bittersweet chocolate mousse chocolate meringue buttercream and a vanilla malted milk shake. Oh yes.
9:30 OH YES!

Well, if you are lucky, then you apply to many firms and get many dinner invites. Good times all around. Oh, and don't forget to ask about the firm and stuff. Would help your interview. But hey... can't forget the food!


Anonymous said...

You're making me hungry.

I hope some of the corporates have dinners. Particularly Diageo.

Actually, maybe that's not such a good idea.

- EK

Josekin said...

That would be an excellent idea, Korbone.