The State of Recruiting

Well well well... week 3 of on-campus recruiting is almost over. Two big consulting firms are interviewing today and I have no part of it. Didn't bid enough points for them. No matter. Anyway, here are some of my classmates:

Have nots: my kind. keep the faith.
Semi-Haves: they deserve it. keep the faith.
Haves: they deserve it. time to dodge class and have fun!
Have and want mores: assholes.

Invariably, you will find these assholes at any school. They've scored their first choice and keep looking for more offers. Though I'm not sure what they are trying to prove, but "look at me, I have so many offers... still have to interview though, since number of offers will validate me!" sounds about right.

Anyway... don't want to leave the bad impression: I know a lot who have cancelled interviews with their fifth choice or with their second choice industry. Thank you, guys. If you get to choose between 1, 2, and 3, good for you. Look closely and examine them; make the best choice for you and your family; take your time until you can make an educated choice; and try and do more at class while we have nots keep concentrating on recruiting!

As for the ones with ten offers and still interviewing for consulting and corporate and marketing... well, since we clearly have different principles, I won't even try to convince you.


Anonymous said...

It's so funny to me that so many people are done and I haven't even started yet. It's coming soon enough though, I've got 8 lined up for the next two weeks so far, potentially more depending on bidding.

Hopefully, I'll do well enough in the early ones that I cancel some of the later ones, but I'm not expecting that quick of a turnaround.

Anonymous said...

By the time I decided Asia was better for me, I had already missed half of the applicaiton deadlines. Could not recall how many rejections I received in the first two days of interview. Even taxi drivers could tell how sad I felt. Even worse, I had to cancel one interview at the last minute which cost me 440 points earlier. Not enough bidding points left for the other jobs.

Just hang on there and have faith in yourself. You would get a better match pretty soon like what happened to me.