This is an interesting day.

Despite having no class on Monday, I had 8am meeting with the consultant to our consulting team (say what!?). Waking up Monday 6am isn't exactly my way to start a week. Oh well, at least Sports Center was showing highlights from the Patriot's game. The meeting went very well.

Right after lunch, I got my first Ding... well, partial Ding. I capitalize it because I think being Dinged is more than a simple verb. It warrants a formal name. It describes a fact, then a feeling: disbelief, anger, rejection, acceptance, and many more physical and emotional reactions. For non-MBAs, Ding is a rejection. Specifically, it's used for interviews. One who is Dinged is rejected after the interview. I haven't been interviewed yet. But I'm extending "Dinged" to the interview invitation section now. I can still bid for an open interview spot (don't ask, I don't know why things have to be so complicated), so I'm technically still in. Maybe this is Mini-Ding.

Next up, group study. No sweat. Done. At 3pm, I received an email from the Management Consulting Group (MCG). Apparently, at 4pm, there will be limited sign up for case interview practice. Well, thanks for telling me at 3pm. 4pm, I look over to where you can sign up, and THERE'S A LINE! My god, what has happened to we consultant-wannabes? We've become bankers and follow the herd to line up! So... I lined up. And you know what? I got the forth last spot on the list. And there were about 20 people behind me. Truth be told, I feel bad for them, but not as bad as those who are at home today (very little classes in GSB on Monday this quarter) and received the email and thought they could come tomorrow and sign up for such a useful event.

Next up: ITP... for Interview Training Program (I think). I got absolutely skewered. Sweet Jesus. A long way before being prepared, I suppose, and I thought I was prepared. Anyway, since this isn't real (thankfully, I think it's pretty close to the real thing), it's only helped me. Now I will go practice how to speak with my brain and not my mouth.

Oh, funny thing is... the evaluation sheet asked me whether my day prior to the interview went well. I thought about it for a second, and circled 3 out of 5. At that split second, I said 3 because I had to wake at 6am!!! Not because of the MD (Mini-Ding!)... but because of when I woke up!

Oh, some observations in life. People who are late will always be late. Airheads will always hang with airheads. Smart people don't like to mingle with dumb(er) people. Dumb(er) people hate to mingle with smart people.

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Event this is ChiBus material.

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