GSB Life...

I have classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, which means I don't have classes on the first two days of school. So, what did I do? Go to school.

All those first years roaming the school... about a year ago, I was in the same position. Roaming the student activities fair, trying to decide which clubs I should join. I joined Management Consulting Group and Business Solution Group because I wanted to do management consulting. I signed onto Chicago Asia Pacific Group and Chinese Business Student Association because I wanted to return to Hong Kong for my summer internships. I joined sail club, poker club, basketball club, etc so I can tell myself I have a life outside of school and career.

I don't think I really thought about it that way, but it seems like I did a pretty good job in my first year as far as how I used the student groups. Management consulting in Hong Kong. Poker. Basketball. I miss the sail club event though. Should have gone to Virgin Islands. Also, should have gone to Galapagos Islands.

I can't really believe that a year has already passed.

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