Guess the Company and Division

In a fancy restaurant in the West loop, there's a crowd of students, dressed business causual, surrounding a middle age white man in khakis and blue shirt. The 50-strong crowd is 95% male. Among the male, it is 80% Indians, 10% Asian, 10% token white guy. For my GSB colleagues,

What's the company?
What's the division?

In this certain presentation/reception, I suddenly thought of my hate for the "Backspace" button. So much raw emotions being censored by that button. Yet so many mistakes avoided. I'm torn. If I write blogs without using "Backspace" but for spelling and grammar, it would be much more entertaining.

Emotions of course triggered by not using the Backspace and making mean language. Should have used that stupid button. Oh well.


hedonist said...


Josekin said...

Good try... but why would there be Asians there?

Josekin said...

And more importantly, the surrounded individual wouldn't be middle age white man!

Le Voyageur said...

You have to be talking about the Big MacK.

Le Voyageur said...

Doh, ok I just realized that you asked which division of which company, which implies corporate... MSoft or Dell?

Josekin said...

Big Mack indeed. They have a technology thingy that they try to disguise as a legitimate Big Mack division. Summer Big Macks termed that thingy as the cousin no one knows how to deal with.