Hong Kong vs USA

Well... since a big part of my career decision depends on geography, what can beat a HKG vs USA list!? Here goes, in no particular order:

Food: ...... nah, no need to compare
Advantage: Hong Kong

Work culture: HK - work hard, play hard; US - work hard, play harder
Advantage: Hong Kong

Hours: HK - til you drop; US - til dinner
Advantage: USA

Friends: HK - a lot, probably reached max; US - a lot, room for growth
Advantage: I can't really tell

Family: HK - there's some; US - there's none
Advantage: Hong Kong

Weight: HK - you need a diet; US - you lost weight
Advantage: Okay, I think I like US better.

Facial hair: why does my facial hair grow faster in HKG!?
Advantage: USA

Size matters: HK - I am Moses when entering the packed trains; US - my neck hurts from looking up
Advantage: Hong Kong

Air: HK - smog; US - blue skys
Advantage: US

Water: HK - needs to boil; US - ready to drink
Advantage: US

Poker: HK - many games, low stakes; US - some games, high stakes
Advantage: Hong Kong

TV: HK - no ESPN (but possible, I hear); US - ESPN
Advantage: US, slightly

Basketball: HK - size matters; US - go play in the kiddie court
Advantage: Hong Kong

Hiking: HK - any time; US - depends on location, far away anyway
advantage: Hong Kong

Photography: HK - smog; US - many places
Advantage: Europe =)

This is fun... but I need to sleep. Today was the first company presentation for me. Standing outside of the circle of students surrounding the recruiter who may or may not have the power to make a difference in you being interviewed or hired, I can't help but think why am I still standing there. There's an easy way out: sign on the dotted line! (Oh I really don't enjoy this recruiting thing!)

I have genuine concerns, that's why. The presenter today left one impression with me: go with your gut because you will never regret it; even if you fail, you will learn something about yourself; go with your head over you gut, you will regret if you fail. I just have to check all the obstacles to what my gut is telling me.

Do I need to count which place wins the advantages?


sindy said...

i'm sure you will do fine either place; going w your gut may not be a bad idea.
have you read Blink?

Future said...

Just listing all the criteria is not enough. You should at least assign some weighting to these criteria. For example, food is definitely more important than your facial hair. Food may then deserve a weighting of 70% while facial hair only 2%. Update your blog.

Josekin said...

I have read Blink... it was kind of repetitive too! However, the book seems to point to using your head to decipher your gut. In fact, I think the author wanted to say there is no such thing as gut feel; rather, it is a combination of "heads" that makes up the gut feel.

Le Voyageur said...

facial hair grows faster in HK because you are moses there. :)

Anonymous said...


sindy said...

yes, the opening story on Getty museum is captivating; but i am already getting impatient after 100 pgs.

i say you find yourself a new woman, and you will know where you wanna go ;)